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Re: openldap on alpha

On Thu, 8 Jun 2000 dan@mid-hudson.com wrote:

> In my unprofessional opinion, I would say that it should be increased.
> Under any load openldap might as well not work with this as a problem.
> There was a stable release on 5/15 and this bug has been around for longer
> then that, so it seems as if it has be disregarded.  I'm not sure how this
> works when the problem seems to be upstream though.

It has been upgraded and I believe David is sending a note to the
maintainer with an offer to NMU it (my recommendation).  I'm recompiling
it now and will forward a URL to fetch the new packages when I'm done.

> I'm not sure what release of 1.2.10 the patch was created from, but it
> doesn't seem to apply to the latest stable or release, so I have not been
> able to test it.  This leaves me in kind of an awkward position. =P
> Suggestions?

I just tested it and David is correct (as is the patch).  You'll have new
debs in the next 30 mins :-)


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