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ATTN PORTERS: UPGRADING - please compile static apt&dpkg ASAP!

I need your help, and I need it REALLY soon.

I've documented and tested the as-yet only way of _smoothly_ upgrading from
"anything" to potato. This involves static versions of apt and dpkg, which can
be made _very_ easily. I've done this myself for i386, and it works perfectly.

I need your help to get alpha, m68k and sparc versions.

So please see the instructions on


(esp. source/ dir), compile a static version on a regular potato system and
either mail it to me or put it on some web/FTP location. I'll try to make sure
it ends up in an upgrade-$ARCH dir.

Please act AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. This needs to be included on the testing CDs
which will appear in a few days. DO NOT wait for anyone else in your group to
compile things, just do it yourself. Multiple static versions per platform are
no problem. 

If you can't compile the pkgs because you don't know which devel pkgs need to
be installed, please contact me right away.

I'm counting on you.

  Anne Bezemer

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