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porblems with matrox G200 in an "noname"


recently my new G200 arrived, someboy on this list mentioned that there are
no problems with matrox-cards in "nonames"
textmode works well, but if i want to run X I got a problem:

eaqual iff I want to run X local or query to my P3 the screen "flickers" if 
I move my mouse or touch a key. the flickering between black and the normal
screen makes it impossible to work 

I've tried all options which are mentioned in the MGA-Readme

hardware:  "noname" with matrox G200 sdram

software:  xserver-svga 3.3.6-6  upgraded (by hand ,-) from ftp

BTW: the previous (slink-) X ( worked with an Elsa Winner 1000

until next mail B-), l8r

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