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Re: potato problem upgrading

Bart Warmerdam (bartw@xs4all.nl) wrote:

> Put packages on hold. This should be possible in dselect somewhere...

Ugh, dselect... :-/

> libc6.1-bin was removed lateron IIRC. I do not have it installed anyway. There
> is also no distinction between homebrew debs and official ones. So when there
> are new official ones, your homebrew ones are out-of-date...

Ok, I didn't remember seeing that. So I guess I wont panic if it removes
it? :) Right, there is not way for it to know they were "homebrewed" but
I fail to see why it thinks it should remove them? It looks like they
were pulled from Alpha / potato? Why? If that's true then it would
explain why it insists on removing them and why 'apt-get install' claims
it cannot install them. So off I go to build new debs. Hopefully it wont
insist on removing them anymore... 



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