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Re: Requesting a build of non-free XForms library.

On Thu, 13 Apr 2000, Peter S Galbraith wrote:

> I just uploaded (NMU'ed) libforms0.89_0.89-5 to master's
> imcoming.  XForms is binary-only, there are no sources to
> compile.  This version adds a glibc2.1 binary for alpha, so it
> would be nice if someone would dpkg-buildpackage it on alpha and
> upload it for frozen and unstable for that arch (assuming all
> this is acceptable to the release manager for frozen).
> alpha already had a glibc2.1 version of libforms0.88, but I'm
> told that lyx runs better compiled using libforms0.89 (there are
> bugs with libforms0.88).  Perhaps the person who builds the
> XForms package might want to do an NMU rebuild of lyx as well
> (after installing libforms-dev_0.89-5.deb of course).

I can handle this later tonight (if not sooner).  I'll build it and try
and test it prior to upload...


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