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Re: Segfault on a Alpha XL366 running Debian frozen

On Sat, 8 Apr 2000, Wai-Sun Chia wrote:

> I'm having the following segfault while building a customized kernel
> running on my newly installed Alpha XL366. The installation is via
> bootfloppies using the Debian frozen distro (ex-potato). Segfaults on
> both make menuconfig and make config...
> Diagnosis:
> 1. As potato/frozen uses curses5, I thought the menuconfig code was
> built on curses4...but no go, it still segfaults after downgrading
> curses to v4.
> 2. Because 2.3.99-pre3 is very much bleeding edge, I tried the
> following:
> 	- 2.3.51 (still segfaults)
> 	- 2.2.0 (still segfaults)
> 3. I narrow it down to a possibility of gcc 2.95.2 being incompatible
> with the Alpha platform...Is this true? Has any body ever compiled a
> kernel successfully using the current Debian frozen distro?

Hmm...that's odd.  I've had no problems building any kernels (other than
2.3.x) on Alpha running bleeding-edge potato (SX164).

Looks like bash may be segfaulting, but without a strace or gdb run, I
can't be sure what's going on...


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