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RE: Boot disks on Ruffian

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> From: Daniel Faller [mailto:Daniel.Faller@physik.uni-freiburg.de]
> Sent: 05 April 2000 13:18
> with the disk in disks-alpha/2.2.8-2000-03-08/ruffian/images-1.44/
> This should load milo, but I get:
> > invalid program path: OSLOADER=.....
> 2) I can boot from the old milo on my hardisk, but not load the 
> kernel from the rescue
> disk. A     ls fd0 at the MILO prompt, which should list the 
> contents of the rescue floppy
> returns:
> %/ .............. %///
The last time I tried this, I used the ldmilo.exe from the redhat
boot disks, and the latest milo from the 2.2 series (alphalinux.org
has a mirror). Otherwise, I got problems reading the boot floppy.

I wasn't aware that linload.exe worked on the ruffian (UX) board?

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