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Re: srm netboot

Howdy, Hi and Hello :)

Okay .. I found a couple of problems ...and they were all part of the multia
boot configuration.
I was sending the fully qualified name of the bootp server .. bootpd didn't
like that .. I changed it to the short name and things started happening ..
I also had to set the boot file in the multia (set boot_file).  I don't know
what setting it in the bootptab file does for the the process .. but it
doesn't work unless it's in the multias boot environment as well.
Now I just have to get the actual installation process to work (keeps asking
for the rescue disk in the floppy... if I had a floppy I wouldn't be going
through all this trouble)

Thanks to everyone that sent replies to the problem though.
If you have any hints on how to continue on with the installation .. let me

Dave Musser

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Subject: Re: srm netboot

> Hi!
> [del]
> >Apr  1 09:54:26 starwolf in.bootpd[130]: ignoring request for server
> >starwolf.wolfentech.com from client at Ethernet address 08:00:2B:E4:49:D0
> This shows up e.g. when you've mistyped the ethernet address in
> /etc/bootptab.
> HTH,
> Uli
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