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Re: Bad Debian/Alpha potato rescue floppy image?

David Huggins-Daines <dhd@linuxcare.com> writes:

> PinkFreud <sauron@eriador.mirkwood.net> writes:
> > Also, there appears to be another bug in MILO where it can't read ext2
> > filesystems with 4k blocks.  Unfortunately, mke2fs seems to create ext2
> > filesystems >512 megs with 4k blocks, by default.
> > While this would be best fixed in MILO, where the problem lies, would it
> > at least be possible to implement a workaround in the installation
> > program?  I had to jump to a shell and create a filesystem
> > manually.
> Yup, already done :) Actually the option was there before, it was just
> hidden (you had to pass the "verbose" option on the kernel command line)

Actually, sorry, I am wrong.  The 2.0 compatibility option in
dbootstrap simply uses -O none, and doesn't force 1024 byte blocks.

I guess I will fix it to use 1024 byte blocks if on Alpha and booting
from MILO, though it should be fixed in MILO (I am still going to try
porting the aboot patch for this problem though - I have a Miata to
test MILO on now)

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