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Re: Bad Debian/Alpha potato rescue floppy image?

On 28 Mar 2000, David Huggins-Daines wrote:

> > Also, there appears to be another bug in MILO where it can't read ext2
> > filesystems with 4k blocks.  Unfortunately, mke2fs seems to create ext2
> > filesystems >512 megs with 4k blocks, by default.
> Yeah.  The Debian installer for potato will now ask you if you want to
> make 2.0 compatible filesystems.

The installer did, and I answered yes, the 2nd time around - however, it
didn't seem to fix the problem (I rebooted and tried ls sda2:/ from MILO
before installing - I should have at least seen lost+found, but did not).

> aboot supports filesystems with 4k blocks, and its filesystem code is
> closely related to MILO's ... it shouldn't be hard to port the patch
> back to MILO, the problem is that building MILO is such an ordeal that
> only a few brave people (hi Nikita :) do it.

I would have gone with aboot, but I wanted to get this box set up, and it
already had MILO.  I didn't really want to go playing with partitions, and
a console + loader that I was unfamiliar with... <sigh>

> > While this would be best fixed in MILO, where the problem lies, would it
> > at least be possible to implement a workaround in the installation
> > program?  I had to jump to a shell and create a filesystem
> > manually.
> Yup, already done :) Actually the option was there before, it was just
> hidden (you had to pass the "verbose" option on the kernel command line)

Hrm.  dbootstrap actually asked me if I wanted to keep 2.0 compatibility,
without passing the verbose option.  As stated above, it didn't seem to
work.  :)

	Mike Edwards

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