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SRM (was: How to install MILO on hard disc?)

David Frey <david@eos.lugs.ch> wrote:

> If I were you, I'd install aboot and boot from SRM.
> A necessary precondition for this are BSD-disklabelled drives, though.

Thanks for this hint. After repartitioning (I just get rid off the
BSD-disklabel some days ago, because this seems not to be intuitive
(why is partition c always the whole disk?)) and creating a new kernel
(CONFIG_ALPHA_SRM needs to be "yes" now, while it is switched off in
the kernel-image-2.2.14-avanti kernel).

Now everything works and the machine boots with a simple "b" "Enter"
keypress.  Is there any chance to automatically boot (without any
keypress) the machine after a certain timeout?  Maybe by setting some
special SRM variable?



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