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How to install MILO on hard disc?

The Alpha installation README (from slink) told me to reserve a 3MB
partition at the beginning of the harddisk for MILO.
Now I want to install MILO on this partition, but how?

At the moment I still use the slink boot disk (the rest of the system
is potato) with "boot dva0" in the SRM console, and "boot
sda3:/boot/vmlinuz-2.2.14 root=/dev/sda3" at the MILO prompt.  But how
can I automate this mechanism, to simply start "boot dka1" (or
something like this in the SRM console) which should load MILO on
/dev/sda1 and then MILO booting sda3:/boo/vmlinuz-2.2.14 (maybe after
a timeout, which allows me to give some different MILO options, but
automatically booting if nothing is entered while the timeout).

I tried to compile MILO 2.2-16 from milo.sourceforge.net, but got
dozens of error messages at the end...

I didn't find much documentation about MILO.  The MILO-HOWTO seems to
be quite old and I didn't find an answer to my questions in it.  BTW:
Why isn't there a MILO-package in the Debian distribution (or did I
simply miss it?)

My machine is a Digital AlphaStation 200 4/166, which seems to be



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