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Re: A lot of problems :-(

Lars Segerlund <lars.segerlund@axis.com> writes:

>  How in h..l do I install aboot on a secondary unit and how much space is 
> really
>  needed for it ?

Secondary unit?  I'm not following you.  The default is to install
aboot on the same disk as the kernel was installed (for the simple
reason that aboot can't read devices other than the one it was booted

The aboot on the boot floppies weighs in at about 80k, or 160 sectors.
It will fail to install if it overlaps with the first partition, but
I'd play it safe and give it at least 512k or maybe a megabyte.

>  Can aboot only boot a kernel on the device it starts up on ?

Yes.  While it's theoretically possible for aboot to read from any
device that SRM knows about, the device strings which you pass to the
console's open() function are completely system-dependent, as far as I
can tell.

>  Can I change root when I have booted ? ( before init does all its deeds :-) )

Again, I don't really know what you want to do.

>  Also I messed up bsd disklabels :-( is c really needed ?

No, in fact you should probably not use it unless you want Tru64 or
Net/Open/FreeBSD to be able to read the disk.

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