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Re: mod-perl on alpha

On Fri 17 Mar 2000, Ernest Johanson wrote:

> Has anyone had trouble with mod-perl on alpha in frozen? Running a DS-10,

Use apache-perl instead of apache + mod-perl; the latter combo has
serious memory leakage and other problems. The apache-perl package has
been made to work around those problems until mod-perl can be fixed.
Apparently it's not a simple fix...

> Any ideas? I have been using the Apache Modules book by Stein/MacEachern,
> and have an Intel box configured exactly the same that works fine. 

Actually, on i386 I also noticed the memory leakage; try "apachectl
restart" and see how the memory usage per process increases with about
1MB. This is gone with the apache-perl package.

Paul Slootman
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