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Re: gnome instabilities

Konrad Podloucky (konrad@pelimbert.tssc.univie.ac.at) wrote:

> Is it just me or are you guys out there also experiencing
> problems with gnome stuff on potato? 
> * control-center sometimes crashes 
> * gnomeicu refuses to start (Gdk-error: Bad drawable)
> * Pan and Balsa segfault (don't know if that's got to do with
> gnome)
> * the GnomeIconList widget in the file manager doesn't stretch
> to the right edge of the window, same goes for the one on the
> right side of the tree in the control-center.
> Funny thing is that I've recompiled gtk, glib, gnome-libs and
> now gnomeicu works. The depressing thing is that I've had these
> things running under RH5.1 (maybe newer versions).
> So if somebody else also has these problems, I'll get in touch
> with the maintainer and try to fix these things.

Ohh yes! I've had these problems for a LONG time! I've tried just about
everything to get gnomicu or licq to work, but I'll try recompling gtk,
glib, and gnome-libs again... 


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