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gnome instabilities

Hi there!

Is it just me or are you guys out there also experiencing
problems with gnome stuff on potato? 
* control-center sometimes crashes 
* gnomeicu refuses to start (Gdk-error: Bad drawable)
* Pan and Balsa segfault (don't know if that's got to do with
* the GnomeIconList widget in the file manager doesn't stretch
to the right edge of the window, same goes for the one on the
right side of the tree in the control-center.

Funny thing is that I've recompiled gtk, glib, gnome-libs and
now gnomeicu works. The depressing thing is that I've had these
things running under RH5.1 (maybe newer versions).
So if somebody else also has these problems, I'll get in touch
with the maintainer and try to fix these things.

  .~.   Konrad Podloucky    <konrad@pelimbert.tssc.univie.ac.at> 
  /V\                  Running GNU/Linux 2.2.15pre11 on an Alpha
 // \\  GnuPG/PGP-key available by request  
/(   )\ "Life is like a sewer. What you get out of it, depends
 ^^-^^   on what you put into it."

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