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Re: Alpha issues (SRM installation)

On Sun, Mar 05, 2000 at 01:22:17PM -0500, David Huggins-Daines wrote:
> Andreas Schuldei <schuldei@uni-bremen.de> writes:
> > * Greg Johnson (gjohnson@physics.clarku.edu) [000224 23:42]:
> > > I am planning on writing/updating man pages for all the parts of aboot.
> > > Perhaps I'll get a chance to start it tonight.  The documentation is
> > > definitely lacking at the moment. :-(
> Excellent - Note that I've done a fairly large update on the SRM HOWTO,
> which is in the "0.6" aboot that I made, which has found its way onto
> ftp://ftp.alphalinux.org/pub/Linux-Alpha/aboot/0.6/
> Greg: from the sounds of it, I may have become the de-facto upstream
> maintainer of aboot - the stuff that went to alphalinux.org has debian
> packages and packaging info, but it's a bit misleading, as it's not an
> official Debian package, and you are still the Debian maintainer, and
> I don't want to give the impression of "hijacking" the package :)

Ok, I have mad a debian package with your patches merged, but now I'll
make a new package with your new upstream sources.  BTW, I am happy to
continue maintaining the package, but you can take over if you like.  

> I'd like to try to merge your patches and this version (as well as
> some other changes - I'm going to redo the ISO and UFS support using
> the MILO code and possibly the kernel UFS code since there may be a
> GPL conflict with the UFS code) so we can have an official
> Debian and upstream aboot 0.6 in potato.

I'll send you a diff from your current version.  My patches are actually
pretty small, now.  I have started writing man pages for the various
aboot tools.  Unfortunately, it's a slower process that I imagined.
Hopefully I'll send you man pages soon.

BTW, I was considering adding getopt_long style options to the aboot
commands.  Are you interested in patches for this?


Greg Johnson                          gjohnson@physics.clarku.edu
http://physics.clarku.edu/~gjohnson            finger for PGP key

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