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Completely network install

I'm wanting to install Debian on a Multia, and I have neither a floppy
nor a CD-ROM drive. I've been planning to do a network install from my
Intel/Mandrake box, and I've noticed that it is possible to boot over a
network with SRM. My question:

  Is it possible to boot the installation over network?

If it is possible, how, i.e., what do I use? Do I have it boot the
kernel from boot/noname/linux on the CD's? Am I on a wild goose hunt? .
. . 

What's my other alternative? Borrow a SCSI controller for my x86 box,
format the Multia's hard drive as ext2, and cp the stuff from the
boot/noname directory on the installation CD? 

Another Q: I tried the above method using the backplane (internal SCSI
only) from the Multia in a PCI slot on my x86 box, but it would not even
start up, not even the bios garbage. Is it because of some 64-bitness in
the backplane? Just curious on this one.

Thanks in advance,

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