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Re: MILO size problems

Paul Slootman <paul@wau.mis.ah.nl> writes:

> On Thu 02 Mar 2000, David Huggins-Daines wrote:
> > By the way, it *is* necessary to install the System.map, otherwise
> > procps and some other things complain at you.
> OK, but is it necessary to have it on the floppy? Having it in
> base2_2.tgz should be enough?

Yeah - I realize that procps is okay without it, however:

a) We have bigger problems - the smallest MILO that really works is
   about 45K too big to fit on a floppy with the kernel.

b) Not having to worry about kernel size will *save* disks because it
   means we can put network drivers in the kernel (reminds me, I have
   to rebuild the 2.2.14 kernel-image packages).

c) Putting it in base2_2.tgz doesn't sound like a good idea
   ... remember we have different subarchitectures still, with
   different kernel images.

d) It's useful in case you get kernel oopsen.

e) We should be deprecating MILO anyway.  The extra disk is only
   necessary on MILO installs, and every other arch has separate
   rescue and root disks now too...  Also CD installs won't need any

For better or worse I think we're stuck with the MILO disks.  I've
made them 720K images, which should save some downloading time.

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