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Re: 'machine check while in PAL mode'?

On Sat, 4 Mar 2000, Doug Larrick wrote:

> >Bought from GND (www.gnd.co.uk)
> I'll find out how to tell the Pyxis rev from software or physical
> inspection.  It's possible you'd have to remove the heatsink on the
> (Pyxis) chip, though, which I wouldn't recommend :-)
> >I switched from AlphaBIOS to MILO because I want to use a serial
> >console and to the best of my knowledge AlphaBIOS doesn't support
> >that. (plus SRM's user interface is much nicer than AlphaBIOS's).
> >Do I have some other alternative? 
> You *can* run MILO from SRM rather than from AlphaBIOS.  I'm not sure
> of the details; I would say to look at the way the Slink rescue floppy
> is set up as an example (it does this).
> Perhaps others know of a way of using serial console with AlphaBIOS? 
> I think there is a way.

If you unplug the keyboard that will force AlphaBIOS into serial mode,
even if a video card is present. However, it doesn't always work very well
as AlphaBIOS's serial support can be shakey at best.

> -Doug
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