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Re: 'machine check while in PAL mode'?

>Bought from GND (www.gnd.co.uk)

I'll find out how to tell the Pyxis rev from software or physical
inspection.  It's possible you'd have to remove the heatsink on the
(Pyxis) chip, though, which I wouldn't recommend :-)

>I switched from AlphaBIOS to MILO because I want to use a serial
>console and to the best of my knowledge AlphaBIOS doesn't support
>that. (plus SRM's user interface is much nicer than AlphaBIOS's).

>Do I have some other alternative? 

You *can* run MILO from SRM rather than from AlphaBIOS.  I'm not sure
of the details; I would say to look at the way the Slink rescue floppy
is set up as an example (it does this).

Perhaps others know of a way of using serial console with AlphaBIOS? 
I think there is a way.


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