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Re: Netscape rpm won't install?

Paul Slootman (paul@wau.mis.ah.nl) wrote:

> rpm doesn't know about deb, hence doesn't know that /bin/sh exists.
> Why that silly dependency is in there is a mystery to me (you can be
> fairly sure that your system won't be doing much without /bin/sh
> installed anyway).
> I used some force flag on rpm, i.e. rpm -i -<something> ...
> I forget what it was but it's in the manpage.

I figured it out, I had to add "-nodeps" to force it not to check

BTW, "alien -d -k netscape-4.7-1.alpha.rpm" produces a deb that doesn't
do anything when you install it. I think it has to do with the screwy
script Compaq made to install the libs. 



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