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Re: gaim is broken (was Re: GnomeICU dies)

Constantine Vetoshev wrote:

> Related to the gnomeicu issues (well, not really :-)---gaim is also
> broken. The version I have is 0.9.10-1, and it dies with a floating
> exception on my box. I recompiled the package with CFLAGS set to
> -mieee and that fixed the problem. I don't, unfortunately, know enough
> about dpkg to submit a usable patch. If someone could patch it up and
> submit it to master, that'd be awesome. It's irritating to have to
> manually reinstall gaim every time I dist-upgrade.

Have you tried holding gaim so it doesn't upgrade?  After you've installed your
home-built version, dselect Select and hit = on gaim.  Then it won't upgrade any


-Adam P.

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