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FW: Slink kernel compilation

I've been trying for months to go from the Debian 2.1 cdrom Alpha (2.0.36
kernel) to a 2.2.13 kernel.  It would always hang booting from SRM to MILO
to the kernel, but it's working now that I turned off the "Use SRM as
bootloader" during the "make config".  

	Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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From: Martin Lucina [mailto:mato@kotelna.sk] 
Sent: Thursday, January 13, 2000 10:30 PM
To: Robert Parnell
Subject: Re: Slink kernel compilation

robparnell@yahoo.com said:

These things need to go into the FAQs.

> 1.  I've searched the Alpha-specific Debian
> documentation and cannot seem to find detailed
> instructions on how to build a new 2.0.36 kernel on my
> PC64-275 (I've done this many times on my ix86
> machine).  The docs at alphalinux.org seem RH-specific
> and quite old, and the kernel-compilation instructions
> in the Debian-FAQ do not seem to address any
> Alpha-specific issues.

The stock 2.0.36 tree does not support Alpha correctly. The only 2.0.x
kernel I have ever built and used is 2.0.35 with the patches on Nikita's
site (FTP to genie.ucd.ie:/pub/alpha).

I don't know if updated versions of these patches exist for 2.0.3[678].

> 2.  Because of (1), I cannot build a kernel with BSK
> disklabel and SRM boot support; I'm not familiar with
> ARC/AlphaBIOS and would rather use SRM to boot the
> PC64-275.  The generic kernel in Slink doesn't seem to
> have either.  Is this not recommended for the PC64-275
> and/or Debian-Alpha distribution?

My advice is to go straight to 2.2.13 or later (the former has been rock
solid for me) and use that. 2.0.x is fairly out of date with respect to
Alpha. If you plan to boot directly from SRM then all you need IIRC is to
set 'Use SRM as bootloader' when configuring the kernel. However a kernel
thus configured will hang mysteriously when you try to boot it from MILO
(anyone else seen this?).


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