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Re: compaq compilers

OK.  Sure.  We all know debian packages are more complete.  That is
why we use Debian!  

So, if I installed the Compaq package per the instructions (in the
right order, etc.) given by Compaq with the alien-converted .rpm->.deb
files, I should be OK?  One problem I ran into at one time was the
wrong version of libc6.  Will the new .deb files depend on packages
from the unstable tree or will it work from stable tree?  My test
FORTRAN programs seem to run fine.

>On Wed, 12 Jan 2000, James D. Freels wrote:
>> Is there more to converting the compaq .rpm files into .deb than just
>> running alien?  I noticed the newer alien in the unstable tree
>> converted the new files to .deb without error while the stable-tree
>> alien had errors.
>Well, yes and no.  Technically, alien does do a nice job, but I add the
>nice things that debian does well: dependencies, conflicts (I have the two
>versions of cpml -ev5 and -ev6 conflicting, etc).  Other than that, I
>change the section name to compaq (having "alien" show up there is kinda

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