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Re: apt-get upgrade dies badly ...

On Thu 28 Oct 1999, Christopher C Chimelis wrote:
> Alright, this makes two people with upgrade problems, which is incredibly
> bad.  I'm working with one of them already, so when I find a solution,
> I'll be sure to fix libc and upload a fresh one (or bash, since this may
> be a libreadline problem).

I've not yet got to a stage where my local mirror is complete enough to
attempt an upgrade; last time was a couple of months ago (from
experience I've discovered that upgrading unstable/alpha over the net is
not recommended...). However, does this problem only affect a couple of
people, or anyone who installs that libc? If only a couple of people,
one would say there must be something in their setup that triggers it...

> The only thing I can think of is that I used a newer egcs copy this time
> around.  Any thoughts on this?

As you may have noticed, mutt when compiled with -O2 triggers a compiler
bug (a function is called with an array value, and the array value x-1
is actually passed).  Do you use -O2 for libc? (although I could
reproduce the problem with gcc 1:2.95.2-0pre1.1).

Unfortunately gcc is still not quite there for alpha...

BTW, why is bigloo-dev not uploaded? bigloo is, and it's built from the
same source apparently. I also couldn't find bigloo in the autobuilder
status (Chris, when you update the webpages again, please add a link to
http://www.complete.org/~buildd/ ).

Paul Slootman
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