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Summary : Mounting and writing a UFS filesystem


Here's a summary of how I've been able to write on a Dec UFS 
partition. I guess it could help anybody here...

First you need an ufs.o module with write enabled. Be careful,
ufs-writing is considered as an experimental feature, so by default
when compiling the module, it is NOT ENABLED.
The option name is : CONFIG_UFS_FS_WRITE.

After having insmod'ed the module, you may now mount a dec ufs
filesystem with the standard  command : 

mount -o ufstype=sun /dev/sdaX /mnt

Again, be careful, auto-detected ufs type seems to be wrong : it'll panic the
kernel when you'll try to write (at least in my case).
You need to specify it is 'sun' ufstype.

Now don't believe what mount command says : it shows you the partition rw
but it is not. You can verify this by giving a look to /proc/mounts 
file, which is right.

So you'll have to remount the partition :
mount -o remount /mnt

And now it'll be really read/write...

Thanks to M. J. Peddlesden <matthew@atomic-systems.com> for providing several
releases of ufs.o, and to http://lxr.linux.no ...

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