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On Fri, 22 Oct 1999, Daniel Morriss wrote:

> does anybody know whats up with the snmpd packages
> that are part of slink? 
> snmpwalk and snmpget simply return:
>   Error building packet
>   An error occurred, Quitting
> These packages seem to work fine on x86/Slink. 
> Am I doing something wrong? Tested on an XL-266
> as well as SX164 based systems ...

Apparently, I didn't get a working copy into slink <blush>.  I know there
was some problems with snmp utils in general on Alpha at that time period.
I'm hoping (fingers crossed) that this isn't the case now.  Unfortunately,
I have forgotten more about SNMP than I ever knew.  If you can provide me
with a very simple test I can perform, I can see if potato's version works
any better and maybe fix it from there.

I could've sworn I got that working ages ago, but it wouldn't surprise me
if a working version got replaced with a non-working one during the
"preparing to release" frenzy that we went through.


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