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Re: slink -> potato, all messed up!

> On Oct 19, Ron Farrer scrawled :

> No no, I was the one having endless problems with apt-get after a partial 
> upgrade to potato. And the only reason it was partial was because apt 
> wouldn't upgrade everything!
> First there are no .debs on /usr and therefor that doesn't explain what 
> happened to 500MB+ of free space! /var/lib/dpkg/methods/ftp/debian/dists/unstable is where the .debs are and I would accept the usage this partition is getting
> But /usr should have had some space left, shoudn't it have? I was upgrading. 
> To me it should only have used maybe a couple hundred more MBs of disk space. 
a couple of hundred is a bit ecsessive.  I would expect ~10MB tops.
you are running a 2.2.x kernel I presume?  apt may have barfed on that if you
were running a 2.0 or a 2.1 kernel.  the new libc6.xxx with potato requires a
2.2 kernel.

else. .... I think we're all outa luck on this one.  I know i've racked brains
on it (even if the rantings of the brain have not been posted to the list)
is it possible to do a full clean reinstall of slink and then try upgrading that
to potato?

Jean-Paul Blaquiere
   	gotta www.wibble.org again

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