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Re: slink -> potato, all messed up!

On Mon 18 Oct 1999, Ron Farrer wrote:
> Ok, so I tried dselect to upgrade. It downloaded all the required files 

AFAIK apt-get is recommended for upgrading.

> but kept getting stuck on login. Ok, so I figure "fine" and did "dpkg 
> -i *.deb" in all the directories, I got to web and started seeing out 
> of space errors. So I typed "df -h" and it says /usr (and subdirectories) 
> is at 100% usage... WTF? /usr is 1.8GB! It had around 500MB of free space 
> and / had 1.2GB free before I started! So what happened to it all? 

You did a 'find' to find all .debs on your system, installed them all,
and now you're wondering why you don't have any space left?!

Paul Slootman
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