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New glibc debs uploaded to fix static linking

Ok...after much headache (and time...geez, glibc takes forever to build),
I've fixed the static linking problems on Alpha with later binutils.
Turns out that stripping glibc was a Very Bad Thing(TM) and will stop with
the next release from Joel (at least on Alpha).  The libc6.1-dbg package
will be going away also, since we're not stripping the main libc anymore.

In the meantime, I've uploaded 2.1.2-5.0.1 to master today, which should
go into the archive tomorrow.  If you want to get a jump on it now, ftp
them from the incoming dir (which I highly recommend...these work like a
champ).  I will shortly be releasing a new binutils release
(weekend-ish...got more work for Compaq to thrash on first), just fyi.


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