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Second Announcement regarding the 1999 Linux Hacker's Meeting


I'd like to remind those of you who have forgotton about the meeting
or who have forgotton to register.

Please forward this mail whereever you find it appropriate.  I'm sure
that I have missed some lists and forgot some individual.

Following a four-years tradition there will be another Linux Hacker
Meeting this year.  It will take place next weekend, officially from
friday to saturday, while it is no problem to arrive on thursday and
to leave on sunday.

        Date: 15th + 16th October 1999

        Location: Oldenburg, University, Wechloy

        Web: http://oldenburger.linuxtage.de/meeting/

This Hackers Meeting was formerly known as m68k hackers meeting,
though, with the time there were more and more non-m68k (and non-i386
as well) boxes so it's a general Linux Hackers Meeting.  This is the
fourth meeting.  Since Franky Neumann is far away in Karlsruhe I have
taken over administration.

Just like the last years, the purpose of this meeting is to get as
much of the Linux core developers and active users together to discuss
current problems, show off projects, exchange news, and generally to
have fun.

For those of you who are new to this meeting, Oldenburg is a town in
the north of Germany.  It's some 40km far from Bremen and about 40km
south of the northern coast (the northsea is about 60km far).  Like
last year the meeting will use some rooms at the mathematics
department of the local University.

One room is reserved for night issues (sleeping if you like) and there
will be access to showers as well.  Food (fluid, bread, marmelade,
butter, coffee, tea, milk, fruits etc.) will be organized by the local
user group and sponsored by a local company, except dinner.

We will have sponsored IP access by the local computing center and
Joerg Dorchain will - as usual - configure his machine as masquerading
gateway during the meeting.  This time we will provide three
independent power circuits to avoid a general power failure like last

It would be good if everyone takes all his networking hardware with
him.  Even an internal network can be fun (as we noticed in Solingen
'95).  That includes things like:

  . Ethernet/ArcNet(uhm..) boards
  . Cabling (RG58, RG62, T connectors, terminators, SLIP cabling)
  . Serial terminals for debugging purposes
  . PCs (where available) that could act as gateways/cross compile machines

What you should take with you at least:

  . Your computer and monitor, mouse, keyboard, cabling
  . Other peripherals (CD-ROM, DAT etc.)
  . Technical documentation - 68030/040/060/851/881/882, HP
    etc. manuals, VGA controller databooks etc.
  . At least one triple plug to provide power for your machine (of
    course more where available)
  . Long power cable reels where available
  . Air mattress, sleeping-bag, cushion, ear plug if those next to
    you tend to snort :-)
  . Clothes, tooth-brush, tooth-paste, soap, towel
  . programmer's food - fruit, chocolate, "Haribo", chips etc.
  . soldering iron, tools, screw-driver, spare parts
  . Please also take plate, knife/fork and your coffee mug/whatever
    with you.  We will try to provide enough for you but that's still
  . Road map, http://oldenburger.linuxtage.de/meeting/ contains a local
    map beginning at the highway.  Please check out Franky's old
    description on how to get here:

 !!   Please mark all things that you take with you and want to take  !!
 !!   back as well with your name!                                    !!

On friday lunch can be taken by the local cafeteria, on saturday
they're closed but you may eat a second breakfast or walk to McD
*sigh*.  Dinner will be eaten as a group in some nice restaurants.

We will get some boxes of water, cola, juice for you.

  . Smoking.  In the rooms we use smoking is prohibited.  Please walk
    outside for that.
  . No drunkards.  We won't mind people drinking a beer or two, but
    please stay reasonable.  If someone starts going wild, we'll have
    him thrown out.
  . Phone: I know that most of you will come with a mobile so you'll
    know how to get reached.  For those who haven't one of use has one
    as well and we can provide his number on demand.
  . Entrance fee:  None!
  . If anyone starts misusing our ip connection (like trying to hack
    accounts or flood-pinging the network), we'll send him home
    immediately.  I mean it!  We'll be made responsible for any abuses
    of the services we get offered.  We haven't had any problems of
    that kind the last two years, but I'll better to mention it.

How about those guys who are still very active but have not visited
Oldenburg yet - any chance, Andreas etc? :-)

To help us planing with the rooms, amount of food and other please
fill out the following form and send it back to me.


Name .........................:

Date of arrival ..............: ( ) Thursday, October 14th
                                ( ) Friday, October 15th
                                ( ) Saturday, October 16th

Date of departure ............: ( ) Friday, October 15th
                                ( ) Saturday, October 16th
                                ( ) Sunday, October 17th
                                ( ) Monday, October 18th
                                ( ) later

Number of machines ...........:

Number of monitors ...........:

Name may be placed on web page: ( ) yes
                                ( ) no

If you don't know how many boxes and monitors you're going to take
with you, please give a rough guess.  We only need this information to
properly plan for our power supplies and room requirements.


	Linux User Group Oldenburg

Unix is user friendly ...  It's just picky about its friends.

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