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Re: identd is missing from netstd_3.07-* !!

On Wed 15 Sep 1999, Jean-Paul Blaquiere wrote:
> has identd moved?  cause it was in netstd in slink but it's not in any netstd
> deb in potato.

Note the suggests line from netstd:

Suggests: bootp, bootpc, ftpd, ftp, nfs-client, pidentd, telnet, telnetd

These are the things that got removed from netstd... This is considered
a feature by the way :-(  (when identd had gone, I couldn't telnet
anywhere anymore because all systems demand an ident service here; it
took some figuring out to find out why I was having problems).

Apparently apt ignores "suggests" packages, while dselect will pop up a
screen with these. I guess apt isn't as cool as it's made out to be.

Paul Slootman
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