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Re: AS200 4/100 install if fd0 not available?

I'mm guessing that aboot isn't working as specified, since it will only
allow kernel name and options, no partition/drive/etc info.  Maybe it's 
this old AS200, but that doesn't seem like something that should be
unique to this machine.

Also, the same kernel that will boot from the CDROM (though it gets hung
on the ncr53c8xx_abort) won't boot across the network.  Something's not
right in "network boot" land.

Right now, I'm just chasing my tail in little circles.  Back to looking
for ways of getting around the ncr53c8xx problem.

More later,

> > OK, am trying that now and getting bootstrap errors.  This is supposedly
> > the latest, greatest milo which I downloaded from somebody's web site
> > this morning.
> > 
> > Also, since I've never used MILO before, what (or where) exactly is
> > that all about?  I'm still trying to figure out what to do with
> > 'aboot' and how that's difference from MILO.  I guess my lack of
> > interest in using LILO on my PCs is coming back to haunt me now :^)
> > 
> > Thanks, though, for the leads...
> > Michael
> Hmmm, weird.... Do you have MILO booting (i.e. do you get a MILO> prompt
> on the alpha)?
> If not, please send me the error message. What kind of bootstrap messages?
> Basicly, MILO is needed to "prepare" the alpha for the Linux kernel itself.
> It also loads "enough" drivers to allow the machine to access ext2, msdos 
> and iso9660 partitions on CDROM's, ide disks, floppies and SCSI disks.
> While the SRM console contains enough code to start MILO, it is not
> able to READ MILO from a hard disk, this is the task of ABOOT.
> So, in fact, you have these possible sequences:
> 	SRM->human->MILO->human->Linux
> 	SRM->aboot->MILO->{human,self}->Linux
> 	SRM->bootp->MILO->{human,self}->Linux
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