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New alpha..

I just got a new 500Mhz 21164 and a AlphaPC 164 motherboard.  I am a
debian developer and will be opening the box up to other alpha developers
for building/testing when I get back to school.  

I am looking for direction in regards to finding RAM for it.  I am getting
conflicting reports from the web site and the manual.  One says FPM Parity
simms, and the other requires just parity simms.  I want to put in a set
of 4 64Mb's to start and later max it to the 512Mb capacity.  Also, I am
trying to decipher when I can set the motherboard to use a 256bit memory
bus instead of just the 128bit.  Any insight to this would be helpful.

I am also looking for some support and help with the cost of the RAM.  It
is gonna be pretty hefty, so if anyone knows someone interested in making
a small contribution to Alpha Linux Development, please have them contact
me.  The box will be up 24/7 and any Debian Developer can get an account.
The machine will be connected via cable modem, or 10Mbs line to a T3, so
there will be enough bandwidth to be productive.

 Matthew R. Pavlovich

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