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Re: DebianAlphaHOWTO, work in progress

On Sun, 25 Jul 1999, Marc A. Volovic wrote:

>   I have been long a silent reader of this list, ever since my own UDB
> croaked ;-). However, I have been able to obtain 3 naked AlphaStations 200
> (i.e. boards and bits plus power supplies, no enclosure) and a single
> Aspen Alpine (board, no power supply or enclosure). The AS are, by the way,
> otherwise complete - Crystal Audio and all.


>   Chris, Adam - I have slightly updated my HOWTO. Can one of you tell me
> what is needed or grab the SGML source and use it?

If you can, email me the SGML source.  I'll post it on the web page (and
make some mods for the SX164 if needed as well).



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