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Re: advices needed

On Sun, 25 Jul 1999 erwin.bliesenick@wanadoo.fr wrote:

> Old user of debian on Intel, I've decided to buy an Alpha system. But I need
> some advices before.
> - the motherboard is a Samsung Alpha 164 UX2, the processor a 21164, with a S3
> Virge 4Mo video, a Symbios UW SCSI. Is it possible without too many troubles to
>  install the Slink on this system ? Is the Slink stable, as well on Intel
> systems ?

I'm not sure if the correct kernel is on the slink CD (or in the directory
on ftp), so you may need a different kernel, but I haven't heard of any
problems thusfar with the UX2s.  As for stability...I've been running
slink (and now potato) for a long time now with very few problems if any.

> - I've heard of several versions of the Alpha 21164 (pc, a ?). What are the
> differences ? and what version of the processor is installed on this
> motherboard ?

If I remember correctly, the 21164a is on the UX2's.  The differences
between the two (again, from what I recall...can't find my docs anywhere
since I just moved) basically boils down to addressable cache.  The
21164a's are superiour and can address up to 4MB of external cache.  I
believe the PC's can only handle 1MB.

> - I'm using PosgreSQL : does it run on Slink/Alpha ?

Yes, but you may have to compile it (don't worry...it's not tough at
all...I can walk you through it since I helped get PostgreSQL working on
Alpha again).  I'm currently using it to support a database at work and
it's FAST!

> - And, more generally, are they some special things to beware before buying thi
> s machine ?

None that I can think of.  You may want to check the RedHat axp-list
archives specifically for things relating to the UX2, though, for
machine-specific issues since my memory is obviously non-functioning today


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