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Installation - booting & non-US

I recently managed to install slink on a PC64 system.  The only real
hiccup with the install was that the install manual doesn't appear to 
document how to boot the install system - it appears that the PC
instructions have not been replaced with a description of the procedure
for MILO and/or SRM.

Another problem is that I can't seem to find non-US.  There's alpha
packages for potato, but for slink there appear to be none, just Sparc,
m68k and i386.  This is using non-us.debian.org via HTTP.

These problems aside, I'm very happy with the system - thanks for all
the hard work porting!

Mark Brown  mailto:broonie@tardis.ed.ac.uk   (Trying to avoid grumpiness)
EUFS        http://www.eusa.ed.ac.uk/societies/filmsoc/

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