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Re: slink->potato, 2.0.35->2.2.x

On Mon, Mar 29, 1999 at 03:00:34PM -0600, Michael Stroucken wrote:
> Hello,
> 	I'm trying to upgrade slink to potato on my LX164, and I've run
> into the lchown situation, where packages refuse to install, because links
> cannot be lchowned, because the function isn't implemented. I've fixed the
> broken libnss links, and manually extracted the packages, in hope that a
> library had that function, but nothing worked yet sofar. I was also
> thinking that a 2.2 kernel would provide support for lchown, but 2.2
> kernels start up ok, but then the rc scripts generate many segfaults
> (apparently from trap?) and it all dies before i can login. So what's up
> with this, I guess some people are running 2.2 kernels on Alpha already.
> Apparently Loic hasn't made any 2.2 based boot floppies/base install set,
> so I have to start out with a 2.0.35 base right now.
  I'll try to respond as best as I can :)

  The following assumes installation of libc6.1-2.1 and libncurses with the
  necessary libs like libstdc++2.9-glibc2.1.deb
  First upgrade to the latest dpkg and apt. If installing is not working
  anymore, download and ar x <file.deb> and untar the data.tar.gz in *A
  DIRECTORY*. Then move your old dpkg and bash out of the way and replace it
  with the ones just extracted. Then run dpkg on those packages again. Now
  they should install.

  Update the rest of your system with apt. The segv in the rc scripts are
  probably due to a wrongly compiled bash (compiled with old libc).

  Install any kernel you like. Mine works OK (2.2.3).



B. Warmerdam                                              GNU/Debian Linux
bartw@xs4all.nl, bartw@debian.org (Keyid: 10A0FDD1)       ----------------

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