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Re: Mozilla M3

> > machine (P100 64MB RAM), then deleted it. Considering my work box for some
> > reason seems to generally outperform(!) my 233Mhz AS200 at home (The AS200 only
> > has 32MB of RAM though), I'm not even going to try it there. 
> > BTW: Anyone have any idea why my work box seems to outperform my Alpha (for
> > example generally when compiling stuff and so on)? The performance I'm getting
> > just seems to be quite sluggish.
> You definitely need more than 32MB. When I got my XLT300, it also had
> only 32MB, but I could upgrade it with an extra 64MB for relatively
> little, which I did. The 96MB is "just right" IMHO; it mostly doesn't
> swap and the system has a very nice "feel" (better than my work PII/266
> with 64MB).

I agree with Paul, you do need more RAM.  I used to have 32 meg and it was
sluggish, then I added another 32 megs (64 total) from and old 486 I had
and boosted performace a great deal.  I would like to get another 128megs
because its still swapping a bunch, but that has to wait a few months.  I
cant compare a PII, I dont have 1, my PC is a 486 DX4-100 :-) (it runs
quite fast for what I doing though).


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