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Re: How far are we on glibc2?

On Mon, 15 Mar 1999, Bart Warmerdam wrote:

>   Thanks! Some have to labour and some have to wait... :)

Hehehehe...believe me, we all have to wait...especially me, compiling on a
UDB (damn good thing I got 128MB RAM now).

>   When this hits the archive we have some major catching-up to to. The last
>   time I uploaded for Potato I was quite shocked with the amount of packages
>   that needed to be done or were just plain out-of-date.
>   Also packages in slink were uploaded to frozen only so it seems.

Yeah, I noticed the same.  I was shocked to see the lack of replication
from slink to potato.  I guess the scripts are still lousy on master,
though, as far as ports go.

>   So by the time libc2.1 hits the archive the compile festivities can begin :)

Agreed :-)

I'll repost a hunk of the FAQ that Joel sent me about some glibc 2.1
changes when I finally get the uploads ready.  I also am putting on the
web page within the week, which, if you haven't seen it lately, got a
small organisational facelift.  I also added a new jpg to it which I like
to call "p*ssed off penguin" (hope ya like it...did the modifications
myself). :-)


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