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Re: proper names for architectures

>>>>> "Loic" == Loic Prylli <Loic.Prylli@ens-lyon.fr> writes:

Loic> Nikita Schmidt writes:
>> On Thursday, 4 Mar, nshimizu wrote: > Hi, > > I believe that the
>> architecture name should be "Alpha AXP".  > Most published manual
>> use it for the architecture name.  >
>> No, AXP is being decommissioned.  I believe you won't find the word
>> AXP in any of the recent manuals, except where they refer to the
>> older documentation.
>> I would vote for just "Alpha".  Unlike Alpha AXP, it is not a
>> trademark though, but I don't think it must be.

Loic> I would also vote for plain "Alpha".

'Alpha' it is!

Any of you guys working on the Alpha documentation?  How can I help?

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