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Re: dbuild results - partial

> > The results are available at:
> > http://www.eangach.apana.org.au/debian
> I think this is very useful, although it would probably be better if the list
> of failed packages could be shown as a whole instead of divided into
> alphabetical lists (Similar to Paul´s diff)

Not a problem. I can display in anyway required. I've already varied
from what Lars does in providing the successful, ignored and wrong
architecture lists.

I think the reason Lars splits them is he has over 400 failed
packages. I expect my list to grow as well as I include more
directories, then the contrib and non-free sections.

One thing to note. I am not attemping to replace the current build
process, only to show problems with builds.

I took this on because an interest had been expressed in it on this
list a while ago.

Thomas Behrndt

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