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Re: problems with ypbind

Nicolai Guba <nicolai@jungle.bt.co.uk> writes:

> >>>>> "Loic" == Loic Prylli <Loic.Prylli@ens-lyon.fr> writes:
>   Loic> X-Mailer: VM 6.34 under 20.3 "Vatican City" XEmacs  Lucid
>   >> I'm having problems with ypbind in the latest version of nis (nis
>   >> 3.3.1-1).  Specifically, two things: first, after running for some time,
>   >> it suddenly starts to repeatedly give a memory violation:
>   >> 
>   >> Oct 25 18:58:24 huckleberry kernel: ypbind: memory violation at pc=00000000 rp=120007fa4 (bad address = 00000000) 
>   >> Oct 25 18:58:55 huckleberry last message repeated 116958 times
>   >> 
>   Loic> By default, the package is compiled with -O6 which is probably too
>   Loic> much with the current state of the Alpha compilers.

As to my knowledge -O6 is not a legal option for debian
packages. Except for special files (like the innermost loop of xaos,
which uses -O3) only -O2 might be used. A package like ypbind should
not eat that much cpu time to make -O6 neccessary and the risk of
breaking something is far to high (on any arch). I would consider -O6
a severe bug (i.e. a bug that make the package unusable) since its
just to risky.

> it?  This is what I still get...
> Nov 18 22:49:43 dosh kernel: 000003 (bad address = 00000000) 
> Nov 18 22:49:43 dosh kernel: ypbind: memory violation at pc=00000000 rp=00000003 (bad address = 00000000) 
> Nov 18 22:50:14 dosh last message repeated 96896 times
> Nov 18 22:51:14 dosh last message repeated 222954 times

Be happy. I get a ~30 MB message file (as large as there is space on
/) from ypbind when it goes berserk here, because it itself can tell
that it repeats itself.

May the Source be with you.

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