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Re: Question on "-O" ports

> So, I now have a fixed tcl.  Obviously, there is no desire to submit a 
> patch upstream since this is not a bug in Tcl, it's a bug in egcs.
> In the case of Tcl, the version in the archive is old anyway.  But for 
> regular ones, is a point release (like a NMU) the correct thing to do, 
> with no patch submitted upstream?

Yes, an NMU version number is the thing to do. On the sparc port we used an 
extra 0 in the NMU version for things that were just recompiled (so 1.2-1 
would become 1.2-1.0.1) to note that it was not a real NMU version. Also note 
in the changelog that the package has just been recompiled, and why.


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