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Re: XEmacs

Brederlow writes:
 > Hannes.Loeffler@uibk.ac.at (Hannes Löffler) writes:
 > > I just read the thread about the problems with XEmacs 20.X and
 > > Debian/Alpha and still wonder what the problems are with Debian. I
 > > once downloaded a patch (can't remember the site, but I think it was
 > > somewhere in the DE domain) for 20.3 which also applied to
 > > 20.4. XEmacs runs happily here on a Redhat 5.1 system.
 > Do you still have the source? Could you make a diff please. Even a tar 
 > ball or rpm of the bin would be usefull. Better than using vi, which
 > does a screen update every 4 chars only. :)

The patch is on http://lhpca.univ-lyon1.fr/axp, it actually consists
in borrowing the "dumping code" of emacs.  

Altough the one I compiled 8 months ago was working fine, I was unable
to recompile a working xemacs with the current development packages
(gcc,binutils,libc...). I got the same kind of errors than others
reported on this list. And the older binary is not perfectly stable
with the new libc (maybe it is normal for [x]emacs to have some
problems with a C library different than the one it was compiled with,
that's why I tried to recompile it).


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