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Re: WARNING X uploaded (was Re: xbase-clients package ?)

On Wed, 28 Oct 1998, Anders Hammarquist wrote:

> It was discussed here a few days back. Your libc and dpkg are fine, I don't 
> remember if the stock 2.0 kernels are, or if they needed patching. (2.1 
> kernels are fine, and since that's what I use I wasn't really paying attention 
> to the 2.0 issues).

Aw, hell.  Forgot to mention that the kernel needs to be patched if you're
using a 2.0 kernel :-(  The problem is that the 2.0 kernels don't return
the correct error if you call lchown() (which is unsupported in stock 2.0

Seeing as how I have always run 2.1 kernels on the Alpha, I should've
remembered that, but didn't.  I sorry :-(

I'll dig up the kernel patch and post it for you.


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