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Re: Dpkg works!!!

On 26 Oct 1998, Mikolaj J. Habryn wrote:

>   No, this is for use with the old dpkg on 2.1 kernels. The one at
> www.eris.rcpt.to/libc is the one that's meant to just work, but that
> assumes that the new dpkg (which I don't actually have just yet) knows 
> about the new syscalls, and that you're running either a 2.1 or recent 
> 2.0 kernel.

FYI, I just uploaded both dpkg and glibc.  The glibc is patched with your
"test" patch (see BTS, glibc bugs), rather than the original lchown()
patch that you sent.  It seemed to work well, so I uploaded the glibc
versions.  After installing the glibc stuff, dpkg compiled properly and
recognised the existance of lchown(), so it was compiled pristine :-)

Thanks for the work on that!


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