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RE: Booting an Alpha 164SX

From:  Falk Hueffner[SMTP:falk.hueffner@student.uni-tuebingen.de]
Sent:  Thursday, October 22, 1998 1:37 AM
To:  debian-alpha@lists.debian.org
Subject:  Booting an Alpha 164SX


>Ok, I just bought an Alpha 164SX/21164/533MHz/128MB RAM with an
>Adaptec AHA-2940 UW. I tried to boot it, but couldn't get past the

>The BIOS is an AlphaBIOS Version 5.62-1 970926.1141. It seems to be a
>bit different from the one in the README. It asks me:

>Boot Name:  ______________
>Boot File:  ______________ ________________
>OS Path:    ______________ ________________
>OS Options: _______________________________

>The first part of Boot File and OS Path are selected from a menu. For
>OS Path, I couldn't select the diskette. Also, I couldn't select

Look at http://www.bard.org.il/~marc/html/nano-HOWTO.html/, 
you should set the Boot File to a:\     linload.exe. 

>partitons < 50 MB, because the clever BIOS knows I couldn't install NT
>on them. Then I tried all kinds of combinations with putting the
>rescue disc on a FAT partition etc. but always got "Bad image file

Just go to the harddisk setup in your BIOS and remove all of the partitions.
You will partition your driver later on during installation.

>Can anybody help me and tell me which files to put where and what text 
>to enter in the BIOS? And what boot disk set and kernel would be
>suitable? Or are there newer BIOSes available? I wouldn't love wasting 
>50 MB for a boot partition.

5 MB will be more than enough to keep MILO and linload.exe.
Boot disks can be taken from Loic´s page.
look for sx164/resc1440.bin and drv1440.bin
take your i386 linux box (you have one don´t you ?), get a kernel from redhat 5.0 !! (remember ? the floppy issue)


copy it to the rescue floppy (this should be a FAT filesystem). ........
I would recommend installing the base system from floppy


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