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Re: What do you think?

On Thu, 1 Oct 1998, Marc A. Volovic wrote:

> I am quite willing to lend an arm a leg to this with the standard 
> caveat that my UDB is still non-working. I have nano-HOWTO updated on my
> site (http://www.bard.org.il/~marc).
> Any docs that need to be integrated into packages?

Sounds great.  You'll probably have to work closely with the "test
installers" and the boot disk person/people.  I can help somewhat.  Once
package compiling slows a bit, I can bring my other UDB up to test things
a bit (actually, I need an external case really badly...I may have a
source for it..if so, I can do this without waiting!) and help with the
docs too.


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